Hilary Lawrence

Here is a little info about me, what I'm up to and where you can find me should you need me!


I'm a Customer Support professional, working remotely from Cork, Ireland.Working remotely gives me 'extra' time everyday with my family, that I would otherwise spend on a long commute.I love problem solving. Customer Support allows me to use this daily to help people. Combining a Computer Science background, with strong communication, I can make complex technical problems accessible to those less tech savvy than myself.Recently I've transitioned to the role of Support Ops Manager. I like to think of this role as 'supporting the support agents'. I ensure that the processes and tools used by the Support team, serve them to work as efficiently as possible. I also act as a link to other teams in the company.Check out my LinkedIn profile below.

Personal Interests

Most of my interests are craft-based - I will try almost any craft at least once. My favourite crafts are fibre based; knitting & crochet - my first love(s)!I learned knitting at school at the age of 8. I didn't enjoy it :-( I found it too slow; I'm all about the quick wins.
At 11 I learned crochet - that was definitely more my speed :-) I kept crocheting for over 30 years.
In more recent years, a wrist and shoulder injury has reduced the amount of crochet I do now. How I hold the yarn & hook increases pain. I have now returned to knitting, but from time-to-time I crochet small projects.I have designed some of my own patterns and would love to do more.

I've also done some jewellery making, card making, polymer clay, sewing and (snarky) cross-stitching. There's rarely a time when I'm not making something, or just planning my next project. I believe in the therapeutic powers of crafting - you should ask me about it sometime!

Other things I like include Pilates, cooking (mostly baking though), building Lego and drinking wine. I like to hang out by the sea; sometimes swimming but mostly walking looking for shells or sea-glass. I also like the company of good people!

The pandemic saw me give more time, money and space (!) to my developing Lego obsession.I add updates on this, from time to time, to my Lego-dedicated social media accounts (links below).

My finest creations of course are my children! Currently teenagers - but they are always a constant source of joy (and soemtimes frustration :-)